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SM 200

The SM200 automatic stacker is used in production lines in the wood-processing industry and is installed after processing machines connected ahead, such as, for example, cutting and tandem saws, double-ended profilers, shrink wrapping and automatic packaging machines.
The machine adapts to any required work cycle and is programmed in such a way that all stacking functions, including the inserting of the stacking strips occur automatically. In other industry sectors, the machine is installed after moulding machines or vertical or cross-cut finishing machines.
Stacking changeover can be executed automatically without any interruption in production i.e. equipment can be supplied which allows stacking to continue while changeover is executed, without interrupting production. The SM 200 stacking machine stacks workpieces that have been processed longitudinally and transversely, with multiple side profiles singly, in pairs or in batches of several workpieces next to one another or above one another, regardless of whether short or long, light or heavy.
It also independently removes workpieces from a feed device. By means of continuous lifts, the workpieces are led over the machine and stacking layers are formed above the stacks next to it. Depending on the formation of the stack layer, synchronously switched strip magazines, load the stacking wagon with stacking strips for the purposes of stabilising and/or drying the stack, either in any position or at any interval selected e.g. every third or every sixth layer, or similar.
Depending on the model and catenation, lengths of up to 15 metres can be stacked. The stacking capacity is 18-20 cycles per minute. It can be multiplied with additional components such as ÜV1, ÜV2, RB-SN, SV. In this way, stacking capacities of 60 workpieces per minute can be reached.
The stacking height can be up to 1600 mm, depending on the model. The stacking height can be adjusted as required. Resetting to different workpiece lengths takes only a matter of seconds. Differences in length of 1:1.5 do not require adjustment. The machine readjusts independently to changing workpiece thicknesses. It is not necessary for workpieces to be of uniform length. To stack for consignment workpieces of greatly differing lengths (e.g. in window manufacture) workpieces are centre-stacked.
Workpieces can be unfinished and have slits, pegs, pins or mitres.
All stacking machines can be additionally equipped with automatic transfer devices, removal devices, pile unloaders or other conveyor systems all the way to the automatic conveyor line.   

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