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We have specialized our factory in servicing and modernizing the automatic stacking machines manufactured by SCHIEPE. We also offer the general overhaul of these machines, in which case the machines will be upgraded to such a standard that it will conform to the technological state of the art.
The general overhaul includes the following working steps
new numbers 1
  • complete disassembly of the automatic machine
  • removal of the old coating by sand blasting all steel and metal sheet components
  • re-spraying the machine
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new numbers 2
  • complete replacement of the wear and tear parts, such as ball bearings, chain guideways, chain wheels etc.
  • the paternoster chain system will be equipped with additional guideways of the Timme system
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new numbers 3
  • the pneumatic system will be completely renewed
  • replacement or overhaul of the electric drives
  • installation of a new switching cabinet with a modern SIEMENS controls
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