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General Terms & Conditions

Exclusion of supplies / Services provided by the client
  • Unloading the machines and their proper storage as well as the shipment to the assembly site.
  • Fixing means, hoisting equipment, fork lifts
  • All mortising jobs in the foundation walls etc. as well as cable trenches and their covers.
  • All passage ways and pedestals, including their railings and protective devices etc. as well as the warning and directional signs necessary for avoiding accidents and running the plant safely.
  • All facilities to be provided by the client as referred to in the technical specification.
Terms of delivery
  • Putting up and commissioning the machines supplied: The machines are put up and taken into operation as fast as possible and at the usual hourly rates and expenses.
  • Pricing: Ex Mittenwalde Works, all prices stated net
  • Date of delivery: To be agreed
  • Payment without deductions: 30% down-payment, 60% after the delivery, 10% after the commissioning and acceptance
  • The warranty extends over 12 months for multi-shift operations, commencing on the day of acceptance and 4 weeks after the commissioning at the latest.
  • The warranty covers faulty material, faults in the design and poor workmanship. Excluded are wear and tear parts. Faulty parts will be either re-worked or replaced, at our discretion.
  • Any claims, especially for the compensation of damage not concerning the delivered item itself, are excluded.
Applies to the offer as a whole, which means that any claims for the compensation of damage not concerning the delivered machines themselves (i.e. loss of production or profit) are excluded.

Reservation of title
We reserve the right to retain the title to the delivered items until all payments have been received. This shall also apply if the delivered item is passed on to third parties.

Planning reservations
We reserve the right up to the end of the planning phase to modify the machines and facilities as well as their layout if such modifications are considered to improve the performance of the plant as well as the quality of the product.

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